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Pastor Kirk continues our study through 1 & 2 Peter, expounding on how believers are to live together as a forever family.

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Pastor Kirk continues our study through 1 Peter, explaining how we should live our lives in light of this living hope.

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Pastor Kirk continues our study through 1 Peter, showing us how Peter instructs us to hold on to hope.

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Pastor Kirk continues his sermon series through 1 Peter.

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Ben Thacker continues our series through 1 & 2 Peter, describing the living hope we have in Christ. 

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Pastor Kirk introduces our new sermon series on 1 & 2 Peter. 

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Pastor Kirk McDonald casts a vision for Gospel Community Church as we enter 2019. 

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Pastor Kirk finishes the Advent sermon series.


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Ben Thacker preaches through Luke 1:67-79 about Christmas.

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Pastor David Patton finishes the sermon series Everyday Missionary

Apologies for the lower audio quality, we experienced some technical difficulties.

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